In our lives there are many times before and after.

They can either be a surprise, or something we can choose.

Hautecombe Discipleship School participants share about what called them to take year out to listen to God and what the calling that resonates in their heart.

Last year

Baptiste (France)
Last year, I was in Thailand doing a year of volunteering with the Children of the Mekong, and I was in lockdown in Bangkok.

Emma (France)
Last year, I was studying History in Paris, and I was a Chemin Neuf Young Adult [JCN]

Anne (Netherlands)
Last year I was studying Child Psychology and Education, and finishing my primary teacher training.

Laëtitia (France)
Last year I was on Erasmus in Rome, doing my third year of medical studies and it was there that I met the community.

This year

Andrea (Italy)
What motivated me to come to Hautecombe was finding a time and a place to really listen to what God wants for my life.
And also to learn how to hold relationships with others, to come out of myself, to learn to really be a brother, to really learn how to love in the way that Jesus teaches us in the gospel.

Baptiste (France)
Choosing to do HDS was both because I took a year out to serve, and because I felt I needed to take a year to take time with the Lord, to listen to him and to know him better.

Mylène (France)
To have an intellectual grounding in the Bible, when it was written, who the authors are, why it has so much strength and power in our lives, and so I decided to do the formation.

Emma (France)
I chose to take a gap year at HDS to learn to let myself be loved by the Lord and to love him better.

Next year

Anne (Netherlands)
If you want to deepen your relationship with God, if want to learn more about the way he speaks to you and all in this very beautiful community, then I think HDS is an ideal year for it.

I can tell you that you will grow spiritually; internally you will learn to know yourself better, and to know God, this truly loving God who wants this relationship with you.

And if you’re wondering about next year, well, don’t hesitate too much because it’s a year…really, it’s a gift that you give yourself. It’s a gift because you meet the Lord, because you are carried by fellowship.

Patrick (Lebanon)
For all those who are asking themselves the question of taking a gap year, honestly, with all my heart, I say to you : take this step with courage, with all the difficulties, because, in the end, you don’t waste time, but you give a year of your life to God and God doesn’t waste anything – on the contrary, he gives you more and more. In any case, you come to such a beautiful place, is it possible to say no?

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