• The vegetable garden and orchard at Hautecombe Abbey,
    long live Laudato Si’!
    The vegetable garden Observe the evolution of the vegetable garden over the seasons, from empty space to teeming life! The orchard We planted beautiful apple and pear trees on the site of the former monks’ orchard, and gave people the opportunity … Read more
  • [VIDÉO] Why take a year for God?
    Année pour Dieu ? Father Vincent Breynaert, director of The National Service for the Evangelization of Young People and Vocations in France (SNEJV) and a priest of the Chemin Neuf Community, came to Hautecombe Discipleship School to teach for a week … Read more
  • [VIDÉO]
    Last year. This year.
    Next year?
    In our lives there are many times before and after. They can either be a surprise, or something we can choose. Hautecombe Discipleship School participants share about what called them to take year out to listen to God and what the … Read more