Choose your length of programme

Hautecombe Discipleship School is a school of life and offers several formulas to follow the programme

Each participant at HDS can choose the duration of his or her time of discernment at Hautecombe Abbey. Depending on your wishes and the time you want to spend at the abbey, you can choose to stay for 3 months or a full year:

3 months
[Semester 1]

October to December
The essentials of HDS in 3 months
(formerly ‘Cycle A’)

1 year
[Semesters 1 & 2]

October to June
To anchor one’s life as a follower of Christ in the long term

This formula is particularly suitable for those who have important discernments to make with God

Daily life in a school of life

Daily life at HDS is punctuated by times of community prayer (Laudes, Eucharist and Vespers) every day. The inhabitants of the Abbey have the chance to experience times of teaching on the Bible as well as community work. The work allows us to spend time together and to maintain the beautiful place in which we live.


Personal prayer


Bible reading programme

Liturgy of the Hours

Meals in sharing groups






Desert day (prayer, silence)

Spiritual accompaniment

Worship evening

Sport and choir

Time in sharing groups

Services in the abbey

Social evening

Personal/group work



Spiritual Exercises of
Saint Ignatius (7 or 30 days)

Life in the Spirit

Liturgical celebrations

Mission week

Retreat in sharing groups

Ecumenical session

Abbey celebrations/parties


A year in a school of life

In this video Zoé describes her year at Hautecombe Abbey.
She talks about the programme of her year and how she put Christ at the centre.