Formation in 3 words : ‘unity’, ‘unchained’, and ‘unchangeable’…


meet the world ! Yes, I met the world in Hautecombe, nearly 25 nationalities…

I come from multicultural nation and with a deep historical wound where it was impossible to live unity and harmony.

In Hautecombe, I experienced that unity is possible and essential in our differences.


The desire of knowing the future, controlling/planning my life, mastering my emotions … got me trapped in esotericism and meditation practices, stone-healing methods.

I made one small step towards God and he made the rest, he freed me. I am free and unchained.

He is the only master of my life and I can rely on him.


God’s promise stays the same – his unconditional love for me, his plans for me, his words, were true all along.

He is unchangeable, he called me to follow him and remain close to him … and that is why I could follow and can continue to rely on him.