Frequently asked questions
about Hautecombe Discipleship School

What does the bible and theology course involve?

Biblical and theological training is one of the main focuses of the HDS training. It is spread over 5 half-days during the week.
The subjects covered can be the Bible (Gospels, Christology) or more transversal subjects such as Ecumenism, Integral Ecology or Anthropology.

Is Hautecombe Discipleship School for me?

The HDS course is designed for Christians of all denominations aged roughly between 18 and 30 years old. The aim is to provide a strong community experience, and biblical and theological training. Throughout the semester, the young people are accompanied in their discernement about what to do next.

Is HDS a propaedeutic year?

HDS proposes a time of personal reflection to discover one’s call. Following this period, some choose consecrated celibacy, others set out again in life.

How does Ignatian spirituality fit into the programme?

The Chemin Neuf Community, which offers the training, is based on the spirituality of Saint Ignatius. The 7-day and 30-day Ignatian exercises are offered during the semester.

Which denominations are represented?

All Christian denominations are welcome at HDS! The programme is an opportunity to experience a school of prayer with a strong focus on Christian unity.