With 50 years of experience in spiritual guidance, the Chemin Neuf Community helps HDS students discern their next step through a school of prayer.

Each week, young Christians are accompanied individually to move forward with Jesus. Ignatian spiritual guidance helps them to re-read their prayer and to get to know themselves better.

Daily personal prayer

Prayer is at the centre of HDS. It is the place to meet God, to listen to his word and to receive his gifts.
Through daily silent prayer, liturgical prayer, the Eucharist, adoration and the times of worship, each person is invited to live the unique experience of God’s love and to be transformed through it.

“Prayer has become a time when I can talk to God. I talk to him as if he were a friend…”

“Today, prayer has become a vital moment without which the day seems empty…”

“It gives a deep meaning to my day and I can no longer do without it, it is through it that God enables me to move forward…”

Times of community prayer

Every day the services of Laudes and Vespers bring us together with the Liturgy of the Church. On Thursdays we pray especially for Christian unity.

The Eucharist is at the heart of our days, an essential time of renewal.

In the evening, a time of adoration invites us to come closer to him in silence.

Each week, prayer gatherings unite us together around the word and praise.

Spiritual accompaniment

The Community is of Ignatian (Jesuit) spirituality. In the tradition of Saint Ignatius, an important place is given to spiritual guidance.

The role of the spiritual companion is to help the other person to recognise the passage of God in their life, and the way in which God is leading them to better discern his or her calling.

During the semester, spiritual accompaniment takes place once a week.

Discerning your calling

HDS also includes a time of retreat to live the Spiritual Exercises, a privileged moment to take the time to listen to the voice of the Lord and to let oneself be guided by Him. Learning to pray through this school of prayer allows one to take the next steps with the Lord.

“The silent retreat in the middle of the three months was an experience that completely renewed me.
The Lord really came to speak to me and restore me, and it is truly a privileged time with the Lord.”

“Teacher, where are you staying?”
“Come,” he replied, “and you will see.”
So they went and saw where he was staying,
and they spent that day with him.

John 1:38-39